Duval till the world blow


Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Cowford. Duval. Jacksonville FL.

No matter what name you give the city, there’s nothing like it.

Springfield to San Marco.

Lakeshore to Five Points.

103rd to OP.

From the hood to suburbs, there’s a place for everybody.

Outesat to Oceanway.

Arlington to Jax Beach.

Ponte Vedra to Nocatee.

Even if it’s not official, all roads lead to the big-small city.

We all find our way to another side.

Sandalwood to Mandarin.

St. John’s to Fleming Island.

Amelia Island to St. Augustine.

Jacksonville has years to go before it’s Miami, New York, LA, or ATL.

But still, the one city that’s found itself while also searching for a future.

Fit for everyone passing through and planting.

No matter where I go, I’m yelling:

DUUUUUUUVAALLLLLLLL till the world blow.

Cause ain’t no city like the one I’m from.



Dwight James III

Dwight James III is a poetographer, writer, & director from Jacksonville, FL. Every moment is a movie, no matter the length.